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Re: [RP] Well Done

From: apeiron
Subject: Re: [RP] Well Done
Date: Wed Nov 28 10:18:02 2001
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Ryan Yeske wrote:

How exactly would you like to solve the problem you describe?

Well, I like the window list to be on one line only at the top of the screen. I do not like it to go across the boundaries of the screen (becoming unusable, it would be like truncating a frame halfway through a multihead display, IMO). I would prefer to limit the length of the "window titles" line by truncating the titles displayed in order to make the line fit the screen. If necessary (after truncating names to few characters, maybe 10?), then go to two lines of the screen. The other solutions proposed (menus) are good too but are radically different from the default behaviour (line at the top of the screen) so it all is a matter of taste after all.

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