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[RP] Re: Mouse warp on window deletion

From: Magnus Henoch
Subject: [RP] Re: Mouse warp on window deletion
Date: Sun Aug 24 10:55:04 2003
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* Shawn Betts <address@hidden> [2003-08-22 23:59]:
> ....this should be fixed in CVS. :)
> Now rp doesn't do anything if the window being switched to is already
> focused. Can you verify it?

No.  Still doesn't work.

I've made a Perl/Gtk program that triggers the bug:


use Gtk;
init Gtk;

$w = new Gtk::Widget "GtkWindow", type => -toplevel, title => "Bug";
$b = new Gtk::Button('Bug');

$b->signal_connect('clicked', 'trigger_bug');
$w->signal_connect('destroy', sub {Gtk->exit(0)});


sub trigger_bug {

Every time the button is clicked, the mouse position is reset, and
ratpoison gives the following debug messages:

ratpoison:../../../src/events.c:708: debug: --- Handling ConfigureRequest ---
ratpoison:../../../src/window.c:182: debug: Window found in mapped window list.
ratpoison:../../../src/window.c:337: debug: Warp pointer
ratpoison:../../../src/events.c:246: debug: request CWStackMode 0
ratpoison:../../../src/events.c:250: debug: 'Bug' window size: 0 0 1022 382 1


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