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[RP] Re: Mouse warp on window deletion

From: Magnus Henoch
Subject: [RP] Re: Mouse warp on window deletion
Date: Fri Aug 22 07:25:21 2003
User-agent: Mutt/1.4i

* Shawn Betts <address@hidden> [2003-08-21 19:03]:
> > I've found that Mozilla Firebird causes give_window_focus() to be called
> > with win and last_win being the same (i.e. the main Mozilla window) when
> > the mouse is leaving (only leaving, entering is fine) a Shockwave control
> > (at least without an installed plugin).  Thus the mouse is reset to
> > whatever position was last saved for Mozilla, which is very annoying.
> > With rudeness set to zero, this doesn't happen; I only get a raise request
> > message.
> This should be fixed in CVS.

No, it's not.  This was caused by your fix to my first problem.  I
recompiled ratpoison with debug messages, and split the screen between
Mozilla and the messages.  These lines (and nothing else) appeared every time
the mouse left the Shockwave control:

ratpoison:../../../src/events.c:753: debug: --- Handling FocusOut ---
ratpoison:../../../src/events.c:708: debug: --- Handling ConfigureRequest ---
ratpoison:../../../src/window.c:182: debug: Window found in mapped window list.
ratpoison:../../../src/window.c:337: debug: Warp pointer
ratpoison:../../../src/events.c:246: debug: request CWStackMode 0
ratpoison:../../../src/events.c:250: debug: 'LunarStorm - Mozilla Firebird' 
window size: 0 0 510 766 1
ratpoison:../../../src/events.c:758: debug: --- Handling FocusIn ---

For some reason, Mozilla asks to be raised although it already is on top.
This confuses your fix and the mouse is reset to the saved position.

> in CVS give_window_focus looks like this:
> void
> give_window_focus (rp_window *win, rp_window *last_win)
> {
> ...
>   /* Warp the cursor to the window's saved position if last_win and
>      win are different windows. */
>   if (last_win != NULL && win != last_win)
>     save_mouse_position (last_win);
> ...
> }

That's what I have.  The problem is that win==last_win not only when a
window has been closed, but also in my special case.

However, I found an easier solution: moving libnullplugin.so out of the
way.  I get rid of this problem, and also of the annoying popups asking me
to download plugins.  There's still something strange about ratpoison,
though - or maybe this should just be considered a Mozilla bug?

> But in the last release, this is not so. Are you running out of CVS?

Yes, as well as I can; Sourceforge sometimes doesn't respond, but I believe
I haven't missed anything.


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