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Re: [RP] New client code

From: Bernhard R. Link
Subject: Re: [RP] New client code
Date: Thu Jul 15 00:50:04 2004
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* Trent Buck <address@hidden> [040715 05:21]:
> I'm sure that new windows sometimes go to the non-current frame,
> because I remember it happening in the past.  Can anybody point out
> the line where it actually happens?

As I found this behaviour very disturbing, my patchset contains a patch
to not behave like this, which can be found at:


(Sorry, patches are still against cvs from 2004-04-05, as I haven't yet
 have the time and incentive to move the version I use to anything

        Bernhard R. Link
<Jim_Button> nobody ever says "yeah, most people agree with me, but the silent
+majority probably doesn't", i wonder why...

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