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Re: [RP] New client code

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] New client code
Date: Thu Jul 15 05:28:46 2004

Quoth Bernhard R. Link on or about 2004-07-15:
> * Trent Buck <address@hidden> [040715 05:21]:
> > I'm sure that new windows sometimes go to the non-current frame,
> > because I remember it happening in the past.  Can anybody point out
> > the line where it actually happens?
> As I found this behaviour very disturbing, my patchset contains a patch
> to not behave like this, which can be found at:
> http://pcpool00.mathematik.uni-freiburg.de/~brl/ratpoison/ratpoison-noemptypopup.diff

Why are you checking if win->number == EMPTY and not win->frame_number?

Does the patch actually work?  I can't find an app that ratpoison,
patched or unpatched, will map in the non-root window.  Could it be
that the behaviour no longer occurs in vanilla ratpoison?


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