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Re: [RP] New client code

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] New client code
Date: Thu Jul 15 10:20:39 2004

Quoth Bernhard R. Link on or about 2004-07-15:

> > I can't find an app that ratpoison,
> > patched or unpatched, will map in the non-root window.  
> I think the order of events from the window is important here. The
> program I use which does so regulary is xbuffy, when showing up
> notification windows.

Oops, s/non-root/non-current/.  XBuffy doesn't appear to do it -- that
is, create a window that ratpoison puts in a non-focused frame -- either. 
Maybe it's disabled because I've got Xinerama turned on. I'll
look into it Real Soon Now.


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