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Re: [RP] New client code

From: Bernhard R. Link
Subject: Re: [RP] New client code
Date: Thu Jul 15 08:11:22 2004
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* Trent Buck <address@hidden> [040715 14:26]:
> Why are you checking if win->number == EMPTY and not win->frame_number?

The problem is that sometimes it asks for the frame of a window, that
has not yet a number. Without this patch it will find the first frame
without a window, as this non-existing window has the same no window
indicating number like the new window has. As it than believes that
window belongs already to this frame, it will make it popup there.

> Does the patch actually work?  
> Could it be
> that the behaviour no longer occurs in vanilla ratpoison?

It works and is needed for the cvs version from 2004-04-05, I could not
see anything changed with the current cvs version. I hope to migrate
myself to the new version and therefore porting the patches to the
current version on the weekend or in the lecture-free time ahead of me.

> I can't find an app that ratpoison,
> patched or unpatched, will map in the non-root window.  

I think the order of events from the window is important here. The
program I use which does so regulary is xbuffy, when showing up
notification windows. (Later I added them to the unmanaged list, and
now told xbuffy not to do so due to my spamfilter getting less
effective, but before that it was quite annoying without those patch,
suddenly having another frame selected, as the window appeared, selected
another frame, vanished again and draged any window in this empty frame,
and I have many frames as I have seldom all helper applications

        Bernhard R. Link

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