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Re: Mac OS X

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Mac OS X
Date: 17 May 2001 18:03:33 -0600

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul F Kunz <address@hidden> writes:

Paul> bundle:
Paul>   rm -rf */*.o
Paul>   c++ -bundle -I/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Headers \
Paul>   -I.  -o libhippoplot.jnilib -framework JavaVM \
Paul>   jni/*.cxx pattern/*.cxx reps/*.cxx src/*.cxx transforms/*.cxx \
Paul>   functions/*.cxx

Paul> Yeh, remove all compiled coce that the all: target built, than
Paul> compile again.  Seems strange, but I'm told Apple recommends the
Paul> above c++ command.  The -I argument is to find the Java JNI
Paul> headers.

Surely configure could discover this, and then `make all' would do the
right thing.


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