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rhel8 test failure confirmation?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: rhel8 test failure confirmation?
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2023 12:01:26 -0700

Does anyone have access to an RHEL 8-based machine? Alma Linux, Rocky Linux,
original RHEL, or even (sort of) CentOS 8? It would be nice if someone
could run a make check there (from automake dev).
  git clone -q git://
  cd automake
  ./configure && make >&cm.out
  make -j8 VERBOSE=1 check keep_testdirs=yes >&ch8.out
(choose whatever -j value you like)

Even in a pristine environment, on a different physical machines, I find
that a few tests fail, usually taken from the list below.  Not always
the same tests fail, but I don't think it's directly related to

In the one I've looked into most, t/, it seems to be about disk
writes not taking effect. That test runs the usual autotool sequence
twice, both times writing to the same file named `output' and then
grepping it, e.g.:
grep 'DEFS.*-DVERSION=\\"UnIqUe' output && exit 1

If I put a sleep 1 between the two autotool invocations, it passes. If I
don't, it fails, because the second grep reads the `output' file written
by the first. Or so it seems. Which is crazy.

I could chalk it up to weird (extremely broken) hard disk behavior on
one machine, but not two different machines with completely dissimilar
hardware (including disks). It seems it must be in the os, in my case
Alma Linux:
$ grep ^VERSION= /etc/os-release
VERSION="8.7 (Stone Smilodon)"
(But I'd be very surprised if it is Alma-specific.)

All the tests pass fine on CentOS 7.

Sigh. --thanks, karl.

Approximate lists of tests that "usually" fail:
FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/
FAIL: t/

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