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Re: rhel8 test failure confirmation?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: rhel8 test failure confirmation?
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2023 16:38:39 -0700

Hi Frédéric,

    While building the trunk directly led to check failures, 

Confirmation is good.

    rebuilding the RPM in a mock environment didn't.


    I'll likely spend more time next week to perform more testing. It
    may simply be an environment problem: 

I guess it's possible, though I've tried make check in quite a few
different environments by now (latest tools, distro tools, minimal env,
maximal env, different kinds of filesystems, etc.), and the make check
failures have persisted in all cases.

Also, I'd expect an environment issue to cause a test (say, to
consistently succeed or consistently fail. But what I observe is a
"probabilistic" failure. If I run nodef on its own 10 times, it might
fail 7 times and succeed 3 times, say. Or 6/4 or 8/2 or 5/5 or
whatever. That smells like a caching bug somewhere to me.

But ... another friend tried make check on a freebsd system and *also*
got failures (more or less the same set of failing tests, including So evidently it's unlikely to be a low-level kernel/disk
subsystem timing or caching bug.

    I'll likely spend more time next week to perform more testing. 

For sure, any digging will be greatly appreciated! --thanks, karl.

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