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PDF files

From: Sacha Standen
Subject: PDF files
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 17:09:01 +0200


I'm beginning to wonder if my problem is at my end or if it's a bug. I've 
mailed the user list a number of times and have only got a couple of answers, 
neither of which solved the problem, so was wondering if whoever programmes the 
Windows version knows the answer. I had an answer from Paul Scott, who said is 
version 2.6 is not generating PDF's or even workable PS's at the moment either. 
Here's the problem:

(Version 2.6 on Windows ME)

Having written my text file, I then drag it onto the Lilypond icon, which then 
processes it and creates a file with the Lilypond icon on it, as well as 
creating a .txt file on the desktop with the adobe symbol on it (which I also 
can't open). It also creates a midi file, which funtions properly. I then 
double click on the newly created Lilypond file, which creates a PS file and 
continues processing for a while but creates nothing new. There is no PDF file. 
Anyone know why?

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