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Re: Emacs cvs newbie problems

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Emacs cvs newbie problems
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 11:07:33 -0400

    This means that on a system which comes with an Info directory
    in /usr/info, our packages will by default not install into that
    directory.  I think that is somewhat of a problem.  Can we find
    a way to solve it?

Hmm.  I don't understand why it's a problem any more than it's a problem
for binaries.  If one downloads the emacs tar.gz and does configure &&
make && make install, the binaries don't end up in /usr/bin.  This is a
feature, not a bug.  Same for info files.

The configure system allows for installers to choose where to put the
installed files, using the options Eli mentioned, or other ways.  This
is good, because /usr/info is just one of dozens of existing site
configurations.  I still don't see what we gain by somehow making one
particular install directory for one particular file type a special case
... ?

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