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Re: extensions for emacsclient (CVS version)

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: extensions for emacsclient (CVS version)
Date: 10 Sep 2003 17:44:28 +0900

Andreas Büsching <address@hidden> writes:
> -    sprintf (server.sun_path, "/tmp/emacs%d-%s/server", (int) geteuid (), 
> system_name);
> +     sprintf (server.sun_path, "%s", socket_name);
> +     sprintf (server.sun_path, "/tmp/emacs%d-%s/server", (int) geteuid (), 
> system_name);

Hmmm, no bounds checking when writing into server.sun_path (the old code
didn't either, but the constructed path is probably less likely to

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