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Re: A project-files implementation for Git projects

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: A project-files implementation for Git projects
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2019 02:38:58 +0300
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On 01.10.2019 16:10, Stefan Monnier wrote:
Exactly! (note: I'm not talking about the whole API, I'm talking about
this "project files" part of the API).

We could use a `project--files` name to hint at the "internal" status.

All right, that deals with the objection above.

In my view, vc-call-backend's main purpose is to facilitate extensibility and being able to abstract away the current backend. Which is not a goal in the present situation.

If you really prefer it, though, we can switch to it anyway, but better do it when we can avoid having to support Git < 1.9 (then the fallback can be easily done in the caller).

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