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Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2019 10:16:25 +0200

>> Tab-bar code is just a copy of tool-bar code.  And indeed
>> running `emacs -Q -f tool-bar-mode' that disables tool-bar-mode
>> exposes the same problem:
>> (let ((initial (assq 'outer-size (frame-geometry))))
>>    (tool-bar-mode 1)
>>    (tool-bar-mode 0)
>>    (list (assq 'outer-size (frame-geometry)) initial))
>> => ((outer-size 680 . 693) (outer-size 680 . 676))
> I don't see any problem here.  As I understand it, the problem with
> tab bars is twofold:
>    . turning on tab-bar-mode on GUI frames behaves differently on
>      GNU/Linux and MS-Windows
>    . turning on tab-bar-mode on TTY frames on MS-Windows produces a
>      broken frame
> We should fix these problems; what you show for tool bar is not a
> problem, but the expected behavior, AFAICT.
> Martin, am I right?

The behavior Juri reports for his GTK build is not right - the values
should be the same.  But I cannot reproduce it here.  And I would not
trust any recipe that asks for display and suppression of an external
widget within two redisplays cycles.  This way madness lies.

But if the behavior is reproducible for emacs -Q -f tool-bar-mode and

  (tool-bar-mode 1)
  (assq 'outer-size (frame-geometry)))

  (tool-bar-mode 0)
  (assq 'outer-size (frame-geometry)))

done in separate steps then we indeed have a problem with at least one
window manager.  Bug#16013 and friends are still open ...


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