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Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2019 10:15:47 +0200

> Tab-bar code is just a copy of tool-bar code.  And indeed
> running `emacs -Q -f tool-bar-mode' that disables tool-bar-mode
> exposes the same problem:
> (let ((initial (assq 'outer-size (frame-geometry))))
>    (tool-bar-mode 1)
>    (tool-bar-mode 0)
>    (list (assq 'outer-size (frame-geometry)) initial))
> => ((outer-size 680 . 693) (outer-size 680 . 676))

This gets me ((outer-size 760 . 702) (outer-size 760 . 702)) as
expected.  With a GTK+ Version 3.22.11 build of 2019-10-02.

> The reason why this problem was unknown until now
> is because tool-bar-mode is enabled by default.
> But disabling it with a command line option
> of by using .Xresources causes frame resizing.
> So we need to fix it simultaneously for both tool-bar and
> tab-bar.  I'd appreciate any help from our experts in
> window-related code.

IIUC your window manager handles things differently and we can try to
work out a solution (and maybe also for 'frame-inhibit-implied-resize'
customizations).  But we really should fix the problems with Motif and
Windows builds.  And Lucid builds too as I was just able to verify ...


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