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Re: [Flpda-disc] flpda strategy

From: Cam
Subject: Re: [Flpda-disc] flpda strategy
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:14:27 +0100
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What about making the wrapper to be another library? The old apps will
be linked with this to be compatible with fltk-1.0.9. And new apps made
in the future will use fltk-[12].x.x without the wrapper. If they become
slow then we should make a branch to the fltk too which has integer
solution. That's what I would not like to see becuase looks like we two
are currently the only ones who will follow the library development.

OK since you are determined to use 1.1.4 I will update my sources and work around the integer problems. Now I am elbow-deep in flpda and all the apps it probably won't take much longer. I will at least keep the wrapper layer in a separate file for clarity.

Place them into CVS: $cvs co the current CVS, make sure the headers your
changed files have corresponds to the files in CVS (copy-paste) and add
your Name there. Then replace the files in CVS directory with your own
new files and $cvs ci. $cvs add, $cvs ci your new files into the
directory. So I'll get them from CVS if you have done it. I'll then try
to find time and include i18n stuff there.

I might try to use the cvs on agenda (sf) first just in case. I am not very experienced in cvs.

Nice. I would like to see also how quickly works pixmap button with fltk
1.1.x. I did read the changelog and since 1.0.9 peple have made lots of
work with pixmaps.

OK, although pixmaps have been difficult on vr3 it would be better if you could get them to work with 1.1.4.

I would also like to see what we can do to make the documentation better, at the moment it is poor. We could copy the fltk approach but I think we could also try something new - maybe doxygen. We have an excellent collection of example code (the vr3 apps).

I think romdisk would be the choice. It will be easy to see how it is
working. Just let update the CVS so that at one point can be made
stable release of the library.

Although a romdisk would be good, I think we also need to manage the versions of apps to make a proper release. So I will probably do in this order:

1. get my work-in-progress flpda to match 1.1.4
2. publish a patch or put into cvs so you can try it
3. publish compatible schedule and contacts
4. fix as many apps as possible to be compatible
5. publish a first release rootdisk built from vrdeb
6. decide on extra features and put them into flpda
7. update apps
 repeat 6,7 as necessary...


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