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Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference

From: the man who knew too much
Subject: Re: Outsourcing issue flares up at Stanford chip conference
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 23:23:39 -0400
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Tim Jowers wrote:
> Zalek, you are not kidding! I read all over and the only
> positive thing I can come up with is that they promise to STOP TAX
> BREAKS for companies that move work overseas! Wow, what kinda BS
> politicians are running this country that they have given tax breaks
> to ENCOURAGE shutting down plants in the USA? Kerry has an outstanding
> letter requesting his position on OFFSHORING and VISA ABUSES but hsa
> taken no position (He and Edwards DID vote to raise H1B to 800k we all
> know.) Well, I tried to track this issue with my Congressional
> candidates too since Congress levies the taxes. Hollings is retiring
> and not one other candidate will speak out for American jobs so far!!!
> Hell, one of my senators, Joe Wilson, is the Co-Chair of the India
> Caucus!!!! Talk about some bullshit. 1 in 7 people in South Carolina
> live in poverty and we have a senator working to send jobs to India.
> My theory is that large groups react slowly but forcefully; so, in a
> few years what we think now will be accepted widely. A few weeks ago I
> emailed a request to an SC tech group to lobby the SC Employment
> Security Commission and eventually the Department of Labor so all H1
> and L1 jobs be listed on public well-known job sites so Americans can
> apply and do you know what? Three people emailed me saying they don't
> support my political views!!! One person emailed that her tech company
> had been all but wiped out by cheap foreign labor.
> What is happening is that the US Government wants to drive inflation
> through immigration but in turn they are driving poverty (fact) as
> Americans are replaced by immigrants who themselves are barely earning
> enough to escape poverty and certainly not enough to raise a family
> and thrive.
> You have to be a masochist to vote for Bush but Kerry has been in
> Congress 20 years so how much better is he? We cannot campaign for him
> as he will not state a position on VISA ABUSES and has only stated the
> weakest position on OFFSHORING.
> My observation,
> TimJowers

you need to read this. it is the real reason why the u.s economy is going
down the toilet & why it would be better just not to vote at all.
It's a shame Linux has such difficulty running some of the more popular
Windows applications: Nimda, CodeRed, Klez, WPA, Swen, SoBig, ILOVEYOU,
MyDoom, Witty, Netsky, sober, Mimail, Dumaru......

Windows was created to keep idiots away from Unix.

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