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Re: Support for RMS and criticism of the bottom-up/social contract power

From: Alexandre François Garreau
Subject: Re: Support for RMS and criticism of the bottom-up/social contract power grab attempt.
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2019 14:16:19 +0100

Le lundi 4 novembre 2019 13:17:47 CET, vous avez écrit :
> * Alexandre François Garreau <> [2019-11-04 12:28]:
> > I think women (and more generally, contributors, and stable ones) are even
> > too few to see any formal preference of anybody over anybody within GNU
> > yet.
> Alexandre I understand point you wish to make.
> Yet when you speak of formal preference by gender, there was no such
> preference. I say so because there is no evidence of such. Everybody
> can apply to GNU to bring a project to GNU or make it official GNU
> project.
> Please think about history, RMS was first to write GNU
> Manifesto.

> But until then you are free to invite women and female coders to
> submit their projects to GNU. Instructions are here:

That’s actually what I was saying: people (very few and external to GNU I 
believe) might think that, but I don’t think it is that.

> Sadly at that time he was neither transgender or female or intersex so
> to support your cause, but hey, that does not mean it need to stay
> for always, people change...
> Women are smarter to choose activities that are more visually creative
> or beautiful or have comfortable life style. It does not look
> appealing to sit in corners and code on computer. They will sooner or
> later find out what they are missing.

My later point still applies, you stated no additional argument, just clarified 
your thought I still disagree with (you make it look like if it was an 
essential characteristic of women).

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