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Re: [hangout] Re: eGovOS conference in D.C.; I'm not attending that

From: Ruben I Safir
Subject: Re: [hangout] Re: eGovOS conference in D.C.; I'm not attending that
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 17:15:50 -0500

The fredom of the software is a competitive advantage, in fact, it should be
a show stopper for all business consideration.  

It's Free Software like in Free Markets

They've heard of Free Markets in Washington?  No?

> That being said, Derek is quite correct that one of my objections to eGovOS 
> is 
> that it lends false credence and legitimacy to the idea that "shared source" 
> is somehow a valid and morally equivilent form of "Open Source" or that there 
> is only a competitve points to consider and distinguish free and propretary 
> software.  Do we conclude that there is a moral equivillence between freedom 
> in western democracies and the old soviet system?
> On Thursday 06 February 2003 16:38, Derek Neighbors wrote:
> > David Sugar said:
> > > I recall that I originally had offered to help with a gnue presentation
> > > at  eGovOS this year.  For a number of reasons, and contrary to previous
> > > plans,  after reviewing the circumstances of the eGovOS event, I have
> > > chosen this  afternoon not to attend this year's eGovOS conference in
> > > mid-march after all.   I think Derek may well guess some of my reasons
> > > for making this decision.   Instead, I am considering extending my visit
> > > to Prague next month by several  mire days, especially if it would help
> > > enable further discussions with their  government and the Czech free
> > > software community in promoting the development  and adoption of free
> > > software in the public sector by the Czech national  government.  I may
> > > also try to see some of thier city.
> >
> > I was going to email RMS and what was up with this conference as he at one
> > time seemed to have a relationship with Tony Stanco, but figured best to
> > leave well enough alone.
> >
> > I fully agree that the event should be boycotted by GNUe and anyone else
> > that is sick of seeing Free Software slowly being eroded into "Open
> > Source" software and further watered down to "Shared Source" software,
> > that negates the whole purpose of being of Free Software to begin with.
> >
> > It is a shame as the conference is a good idea, but sadly I think poor
> > judgement is being exercised. :(
> >
> > -derek
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