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Re: "Missing" libraries/concepts found in other languages/ecosystems?

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Re: "Missing" libraries/concepts found in other languages/ecosystems?
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 21:34:27 +0200
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Hi Leo!

On 7/9/20 8:12 PM, Leo Butler wrote:
> Zelphir Kaltstahl <> writes:
> <snip>
>> To what others already have written I will add:
>> From time to time one can copy ideas from Racket or look at what exists
>> in Racket for solving a problem or seeing what the approach is.
>> Catonano identified already the lack of examples in the Guile guide. I
>> fight with that myself, so I created a repository with examples. Perhaps
>> I should somehow add them to the guide. I've not looked into how to do
>> that. Probably some commit in a repo somewhere for the guide:
>> Hope this can help!
> Oh yes, thank you. That repository is a gem.
> (I think it wouldn't take too much work to transform the repo as is into
> a texinfo document on its own.)
> ---
> The guile guide has been knocked. I agree that it could use more
> examples, but I have found it is well-written and accurate.
> Leo

Thanks for the compliment.

I agree with the guide being well written. Once I see an example or
figure one out (not always hard to do, but sometimes), I think: "Hmm ah
yes, actually that was sort of in the guide …". Perhaps I am a different
kind of learner or too used to the "example culture" in other languages,
where you can find almost everything on StackOverflow.

Of course examples would be nice to have, not going to argue against that.

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