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Re: Updating a very old Guix

From: Konrad Hinsen
Subject: Re: Updating a very old Guix
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2018 18:07:29 +0100

Hi Swedebugia and Julien,

First of all, thanks to both of you for your suggestions!

> Have you tried the commit for the next nearest stable? v.0.13 v.0.14 
> v.0.15? (gcrypt was added after 0.15 point)
> Ludo recommended in another thread to pull in increments. But basically 
> building guix with an old guix is not supported at all ATM but should work.

I did consider going through intermediates, but only when the problems
showed up. Since I do not have a working Guix any more, I cannot use
"guix pull" with a commit to move to an intermediate.

I can still check out some intermediate version and build from source.
But then I guess I would have to install it in some temporary place, and
use it to build another intermediate. In the end, I would use the final
one to do a pull on my standard user account. Well, that just *might*

> Please report your progress!

I will!

> If you have another machine with guix installed, you could try to use 
> guix copy to copy a working guix pull profile (~/.config/guix/current) 

Yes, I do have another machine with a pretty recent Guix. Unfortunately
I have no access to it over the weekend, but if the above strategy
fails, I will try yours next week.

Thanks again to both of you,

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