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From: hymette
Subject: hello
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 21:02:56 +0100

I have installed the Hurd recently and I have few questions:

What is the difference between releases "sid" (mine) and "woody" ?
Is it normal that dependency conflicts (with xlibs) impede the installation of Xfree86 ? Why does the console sometimes break the current process displaying "hostname --MARK--" and how could I fix this ?

Also - but this is not concerning the Hurd - I'd like to know the purpose of the kind of spam (?) that is addressed to this mailing list (see hereafter ). Is there any hidden sense in this kind of prose ?
I hope I don't bother too much,

Thank you in advance,


What is this:

provocative athabascan sportswear elegiac
visceral loaf dichondra algebra envelope clammy darlene perform
oswald emphysema excusable documentary dint effluvium


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