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Re: hello

From: hymette
Subject: Re: hello
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 19:51:58 +0100

The new console seems amazing but I think I'm going to wait till alternate keymaps are available ! No emacs yet - because of xlibs - but I'm doing well with le and lpe. Since my last mail the "MARK SET" bug did not occur. I may have pressed some wrong key combination at the wrong moment !

Thank you anyway!


On Wednesday, January 14, 2004, at 07:33 PM, Marco Gerards wrote: writes:

Which console do you use?  The one that is used by default or the new

Yes I presume I'm using the default console. I would be delighted to
know where to download the new one if it's available.

You already have it, you just need to start using it. msg00054.html

I can't show you an example of the output right now because it doesn't
do that often, but it's something like "-- myhostname MARK SET--" and
it kills the running process.

Oh, this is weird.  Aren't you using screen or emacs or something else
that can mark text?

Can you please keep the CC to the mailinglist next time (by doing a
reply to all)?  On the list there are much more people who can help


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