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Re: [Q] Correcting mistakes

From: Jonathan Belson
Subject: Re: [Q] Correcting mistakes
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 09:41:04 +0100

On Wednesday 25 July 2001  7:08 am, Karl-Heinz Marbaise wrote:
> > What do you mean by 'whole repos'?  I was thinking about
> > situations where eg. a project is imported without
> > following the naming conventions and need to be backed
> > out and recommited.

> Do you mean with "naming conventions" the names of the files
> or the name of the Tag labels? Labels can be renamed with
> a CVS command, i haven't it in my memory but I can look it up.

To try and keep our repository in order, we have conventions for
directory structure eg. company_name/project_name.  If a project
is imported incorrectly, it will need to be backed out then

> > Do you remove the project with 'admin -o blah'?
> No, just remove the files within the repository (using rm ..)
> if you have the permission to do this.

So I just do 'rm -rf $CVSROOT/project_name'?  I don't need to
remove/edit any administrative files?

> Have you taken a look into Karl Fogel's Book about CVS?

That's the one on andamooka?  I haven't read it yet, but I
will when I get time.


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