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Re: interdependancies between libraries

From: Ganesan Rajagopal
Subject: Re: interdependancies between libraries
Date: 18 Jan 2001 08:23:22 +0530
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>>>>> "Brian" == Brian May <address@hidden> writes:

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Ryde <address@hidden> writes:
>>> On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 01:50:57PM +1100, Brian May wrote: >
>>> Oh, another observation: installing the libraries in their
>>> non-final > location (as required for Debian packaging tools,
>>> probably Redhat too) > simply does not work, as shown below. I
>>> think some of the required -L > options to the linker might be
>>> missing.  > > <snipped of failed relink>

Kevin> Some Debian libtool packages (eg. libgtk1.2) seem to get
Kevin> away with

Kevin> ./configure --prefix=/usr

Kevin> but then overriding that for the install

Kevin> make prefix=`pwd`/debian/tmp/usr install

> No - that is what causes this problem. Libraries get installed in
> `pwd`/debian/tmp, not /usr, where the linker (during "make install")
> can't find them.

The correct way to do this is actually ./configure --prefix=/usr

make install DESTDIR=`pwd`/debian/tmp


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