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Testsuite failures on Ubuntu's autobuilders

From: Boris Heisel
Subject: Testsuite failures on Ubuntu's autobuilders
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 10:51:15 +0100

Sorry guys, it just won't stop ;)

Now that we finally have all architectures passed the testsuite in
Debian i just wanted to push some backports and imports in my PPA for

While this was successful for 10.04 (and i therefore could responded to
the "PSPP-BUG: Request for help..." mail) it gives me testsuite errors
for 12.04 on i386 that i again cannot reproduce locally.

The failed suites are: 180 181 438

Please see:

If you can't get a clue out of that i would just try a stupid rebuild.

Best regards


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