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Re: gtk3 - how it is today / should gtk3 be merged to master?

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: gtk3 - how it is today / should gtk3 be merged to master?
Date: Fri, 29 May 2015 12:28:21 -0700
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On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 09:17:50PM +0200, Friedrich Beckmann wrote:
> My impression of the state today thanks to the compile and run tries from 
> Harry and Jeremy is
> Debian7/Debian8: 
>       I cannot make it crash. Display is o.k.
>       I guess a minor known problem: 
>       Regression passes. Lots of deprecation warnings.
> MacOS:
>       Compiles and runs. 
>       Seems to be a restricted problem: 
>       Regression passes when I switch off the axis labeling in histogram 
> drawing.
> Windows:
>       Compiles and runs but crashes when a window is resized…
>       See: 
>       I consider this a major problem.
> I only made some mini tests on MacOS and Debian. Maybe some more dialogs have 
> issues.
> So: What should happen, before gtk3 is merged to master?

This is great progress!  Thank you for all the work!

Personally, I don't consider the problems you list above for Debian or
Mac OS to be big problems.  But Windows crashing when a window is
resized sounds like a bug that we should fix before merging.

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