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Re: gtk3 - how it is today / should gtk3 be merged to master?

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: gtk3 - how it is today / should gtk3 be merged to master?
Date: Sat, 30 May 2015 08:43:06 +0200
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On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 09:17:50PM +0200, Friedrich Beckmann wrote:
     Am 19.05.2015 um 14:11 schrieb John Darrington <address@hidden>:
     > On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 02:21:11PM +0200, Friedrich Beckmann wrote:
     >> On the other hand, maybe we're not too far away from the point where we 
     >> completely migrate to the gtk3 branch?
     >     After the more cosmetic questions the interesting one... There are 
still of number of deprecated warnings. On debian 8 I cannot see the selected 
cells when the default Adwaita scheme is active. What would be the criteria for 
a merge? No deprecation warnings? Some testing on debian 7, debian 8, mac? Does 
the gtk3 branch build on all platforms today?
     My impression of the state today thanks to the compile and run tries from 
Harry and Jeremy is
        I cannot make it crash. Display is o.k.
        I guess a minor known problem:

We should try at least to understand this problem.  If it happens on Debian 8 
it should
not be soo hard.
        Regression passes. Lots of deprecation warnings.
        Compiles and runs. 
        Seems to be a restricted problem:

This one needs to be fixed.  It has the potential to affect not only the gtk3 
branch, and
it sounds like a buffer overrun, so could cause crashes.

        Regression passes when I switch off the axis labeling in histogram 
        Compiles and runs but crashes when a window is resized?
        I consider this a major problem.
     I only made some mini tests on MacOS and Debian. Maybe some more dialogs 
have issues.
     So: What should happen, before gtk3 is merged to master?
One thing that needs to happen:

 All the code in src/ui/gui/*.c which is marked with "#if GTK3_TRANSITION" 
needs to be investigated.  These preprocessor
directives I put in when we  first started the Gtk3 branch.  They contain gtk2 
specific code which was "too hard" at the time
to port to gtk3.  It could well be the case that none of these sections are 
actually reachable.  Or it could be that they affect
the appearance of the application only under strange/custom 
themes/environments. - Either way the situtuation needs to be 
investigated, and these sections need to be either ported or deleted.

Another thing that needs to happen:

 The splash screen is disabled for Gtk3.  The master branch had a rather 
strange way of making the splash screen appear, and used
a lot of functions which do not exist in Gtk3.  So I simply disabled it.  
However I believe that gtk3 has a simple mechanism for
the explicit purpose of showing splash screens.  So we should  use it.

Other things that need to happen:

 Very thorough testing and code review.

So far as deprecation warnings are concerned, it depends of course on which 
Gtk+3 version you are using.
There are only a few warnings with Gtk+-3.4.2, but a lot more with Gtk+-3.14.5

We should nominate a version which we consider to be "canonical", and come up 
with a policy on deprecation warnings.

I will try to look at some of the bugs, but I am busy this week and am shortly 
going away for 2 weeks, so it
may not happen soon.


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