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Re: [RP] xterm size borked

From: Ben Leslie
Subject: Re: [RP] xterm size borked
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 18:41:41 +1100
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> Just installed ratpoison, *love* the concept.  But I have
> a 19" screen, and yes, the xterm takes up the whole dang
> thing, but things like pine, vi, and bash, all think
> its just an 80x25 xterm.  Maybe the startup code isn't
> right?  I'm running the latest version of the debian
> package (0.5).  Maybe the code invoking the xterm isn't
> happening right?
> Mozilla btw, thrives in this environment.  YAY!  Still
> have to try the Gimp, but I think you have a winner here.

Just installed as well. Got to say you have me hooked ;)

There are some things that need work, but I won't bitch about
that until I have a patch worked out ;)

I just wanted to say that I also have the problem mentioned above.
Specifcally when starting emacs. I;ve submitted a bug report
on the sourcforge site.

Anyway, thanks for a great wm.


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