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Re: [RP] xterm size borked

From: shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] xterm size borked
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 15:56:44 -0800

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>> Just installed ratpoison, *love* the concept.  But I have
>> a 19" screen, and yes, the xterm takes up the whole dang
>> thing, but things like pine, vi, and bash, all think
>> its just an 80x25 xterm.  Maybe the startup code isn't
>> right?  I'm running the latest version of the debian
>> package (0.5).  Maybe the code invoking the xterm isn't
>> happening right?
>> Mozilla btw, thrives in this environment.  YAY!  Still
>> have to try the Gimp, but I think you have a winner here.
>Just installed as well. Got to say you have me hooked ;)
>There are some things that need work, but I won't bitch about
>that until I have a patch worked out ;)
>I just wanted to say that I also have the problem mentioned above.
>Specifcally when starting emacs. I;ve submitted a bug report
>on the sourcforge site.

aaah yes. I've noticed this aswell. I've played around with the
resizing code in cvs. As best I can tell, this has fixed the emacs bug
although I don't actually have emacs 20 installed to test it! aag!
I'll be able to confirm it on Monday.

The xterm bug is still present, however...

Because so many x apps assume their windows will be maximized by user
input (dragging, clicking, etc) they do some really annoying things to
'look good' or are just short sighted. As a result I've been hard
pressed to find a method that works all around.

If I may rant briefly, XEmacs is probably the worst: anytime it gets a
ConfigureNotify event it checks if the geometry lines up with a
character boundary, if it doesn't it sends a resize event to make sure
it does. ratpoison receives it and immediately maximizes it. XEmacs
get this event and again resizes. ratpoison maximizes. The cycle
repeats, and repeats, and repeats. The result is really quite
humorous until you actually have to get some work done...assuming you
use XEmacs for work :)

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