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Re: [RP] xterm size borked

From: shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] xterm size borked
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 15:27:19 -0800

>Just installed ratpoison, *love* the concept.  But I have
>a 19" screen, and yes, the xterm takes up the whole dang
>thing, but things like pine, vi, and bash, all think
>its just an 80x25 xterm.  Maybe the startup code isn't
>right?  I'm running the latest version of the debian
>package (0.5).  Maybe the code invoking the xterm isn't
>happening right?

This has been a problem for some time now. I've just downloaded rxvt's
source (which exhibits the same behavior) to see if I can track it

As far as I can tell, it's as if xterm doesn't expect to get a
ConfigureNotify event so soon after being mapped (who can click
maximize THAT fast?). If I remove the code that automagically
maximizes the windows and instead bind that to a key, xterm behaves
fine when maximized. Also I noticed that if I restart ratpoison after
opening an xterm the problem is fixed. I'm guessing since xterm gets a
new ConfigureNotify event so long after it started up, it now responds
to it and properly updates...

You may also notice that not EVERY xterm has this problem. Some open
fine. This could be because I'm only running a 200Mhz machine and it
takes long enough to Map+Maximize that sometimes the timing is right
and xterm behaves...

A temporary solution could be to right a function in actions.c that
resized the window to 1 pixel less than full maximization, and then
resizes it again to full screen. Then bind this to a key, and hit it
whenever an xtrem has this problem...That's pretty gross though...

>Mozilla btw, thrives in this environment.  YAY!  Still
>have to try the Gimp, but I think you have a winner here.

hehe, the gimp is a fun one. A little difficult to get used to...but
it works :)

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