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Re: [RP] Oh yes! Indexed IRC logs!

From: shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] Oh yes! Indexed IRC logs!
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 22:58:40 -0700

>On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 03:26:09PM -0700, address@hidden wrote:
>> perhaps you should rethink how you use X apps and which ones you use. This 
>> way you wouldn't be so dependant on the rat. This seems like a cleaner 
>> solution, and it has way less impact on ratpoison's binary size...
>I'm not going to use emacs. You won't get me there.

Other mouseless apps work...

>As most (all?) people on this list i prefer keyboard control in front
>of a pointing device. But the way software looks today it still is
>quite hard to disable both the clit and the touch pad. Sometimes you
>just have to use them. :(

Its an unfortunate and depressing reality, but adding mouse support to
ratpoison isn't going to make it better.

>Giving focus to the window under the cursor really is very standard
>and now when there is split screen i find it confusing that focus
>doesn't change when i try to. Of course i understand and all but it
>messes with my mind. I'm sure it does confuse a lot of others
>to. Especially new users.

The problem with focusing the window under the pointer is that you
then get a big fat cursor on your window. banishing the mouse with a
quick flick of the wrist or with :banish does a nice job of getting
the cursor out of my face. I haven't used unclutter but it could prove
useful in this case. Perhaps a command that focused the window with
the pointer in it could solve this...

Let us not forget that the window does have mouse focus...

>Donno why I'm writing this mail. It's not important enough for me to
>code it and noone else will do that either.

Good, good. Then its settled :)

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