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Re: [RP] new ratpoison user trouble

From: Ryan Yeske
Subject: Re: [RP] new ratpoison user trouble
Date: 16 Apr 2001 12:01:48 -0700
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Joss Winn <address@hidden> writes:

> shawn wrote:
> > >
> > >And while I am here....what is the syntax to change the key bindings.
> > >I'd like to switch windows with ALT 1, 2, 3, etc. I can see how you
> > >bind a key to an application, but can I change the original key
> > >bindings?
> > 
> > just bind the key like you would any other and it will be
> > rebound.
> > 
> Thanks.  So what would the syntax be to, say, switch to window one with
> ALT - 1  ?
> :bind alt 1 window 1   
> ??? I haven't a clue really.
> Is there any way I can find out the syntax for every key without
> bothering you again?

unfortunatly what you want to do cant be done :( 

The current :bind syntax is as follows

bind [^]KeySym free form command text

the ^ is optional, and you will find the keysym names by looking at
the X headers (xkeysym.h?) or running xmodmap -pke from the shell.

Any key that you bind must still be prefixed by the escape char (C-t
by default).

One day, we will be able to bind arbitrary keys to commands without
having to go through the prefix key.  But it comes up rarely enough
though that its not really a high priority, prefix maps are really
where it is at.


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