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[RP] new ratpoison user trouble

From: Joss Winn
Subject: [RP] new ratpoison user trouble
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 02:25:11 +0900
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I've just installed ratpoison and am having some trouble.  Been on
irc #ratpoison and eventually pointed here.

First, I ran ratpoison and got a standard X screen and X pointer.
The key bindings worked but in the mini window in the top right of
the screen, any executable I entered there was ignored.  I couldn't
get any application to run.  Trying the full path also did not work.

Next, I copied the sample rc file to ~/.ratpoisonrc and ran it
again.  this time a black screen and arrow pointer but the
keybindings don't work.  I get a dead keyboard. 

Any ideas?

Please CC me as I'm on the digest.

Thanks very much.  Am quite looking forward to getting this running.


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