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Re: [RP] default keybinding

From: Shawn Betts
Subject: Re: [RP] default keybinding
Date: Fri Aug 22 20:37:16 2003
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John Meacham <address@hidden> writes:

> it occurs to me that the default keybinding for ratpoison (ctrl-t) is
> rather silly, I imagine there is a lot of overlap between shell prompt
> users and ratpoison users, it seems odd to take away one of the very few
> keys which can safely be mapped in terminal apps. especially when ctrl-a
> is already taken by screen too :) 
> It seems like it would be better to have a keybinding which is not
> commonly used by shell apps, such as something on Alt or perhaps Ctrl-m
> or ctrl-h, or ctrl-i which terminal apps can't effectivly use because
> they would interpret them as enter, backspace and tab respectivly, a
> problem we as an X app don't have to worry about.

Hi John,

Yes these do seem like good choices. C-t was chosen because somewhere
in the screen docs it said C-t would be a good choice or some mail or
article or something. Or maybe Ryan told me. Or something.

C-h is no good since it the prefix for help in emacs, but C-i and C-m
seem like pretty good choices.

Is C-t used commonly in shell apps?

It's a difficult call. On the one hand C-m and C-i seem like good
choices (they overlap enter and tab which are actual keys), but then
you can customize it and it might mess people up who are used to C-t
(again they can customize it).

I need a stronger push to change the default key, I think. What do
other people think?


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