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Re: [RP] dockapps

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] dockapps
Date: Sat Jul 10 00:36:01 2004

Quoth Kevin Geiss on or about 2004-07-09:
> here ya go.
> the hard part was setting up the frames by hand the first time. frestore
> brings them back perfectly every time I log in though.
> one trick I found: once all the clients are started and the frames
> are restored, it's best to empty all the frames out first ("select -")
> to make sure that some client isn't already displayed in the wrong frame.
> I also was running two instances of 'wmnet', one for eth0 (wired) and
> one for eth1 (wireless). so I had to make sure those two had the correct
> number right away since they had the same name. I could have re-titled
> them also I guess but I'm used to using numbers.

Here are some other useful tips:

:shrink reduces the frame to the size of its window.  This alias will
remove a background window beforehand:
        alias  xshrink exec ratpoison -c 'select -' -c other -c shrink

If your clients support -geom, you can :unmanage their class and
:defborder to make a gap on one edge.  This is excellent if you're
leave monitors on the screen forever.

frestore input is a series of records of the form
  n x y w h i a,
where n is the number, <x y w h> are the size, i is the XID of the
window (see xprop(1)) and a is the `access time' (higher number ==
more recent access).

With a small amount of scripting, it should be possible to use
:windows and xprop(1) to create an initial frameset that puts all the
windows in the right places.

PS: When I use anything, it's gkrellm, *because* it has a single

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