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Re: [RP] dockapps

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] dockapps
Date: Sat Jul 10 19:08:03 2004

Quoth Kevin Geiss on or about 2004-07-10:

> On Sat, Jul 10, 2004 at 05:35:56PM +1000, Trent Buck wrote:
> > If your clients support -geom, you can :unmanage their class and
> > :defborder to make a gap on one edge.  This is excellent if you're
> > leave monitors on the screen forever.
> I tried this with xload as an experiment. I added 'xload' to the unmanaged
> list, then ran xload with the -geom flag I wanted. ok, an xload of
> the correct size popped up at the correct location. but as soon as I
> switched to another frame (I had only one frame on the whole screen)
> the xload disappeared and I couldn't get it back. is there something
> else I'm missing?

Yes, ":defpadding LEFT TOP RIGHT BOTTOM". (Sorry, I called it
defborder).  You are ignoring xload, so other windows are put on top
of it.  You use e.g.  ':defpadding 0 0 0 48' to make a space that
other windows don't use.

To kill unmanaged windows, use xkill(1), :clrunmanage or :restart.

:unmanage FOO will unmanage new instances of FOO, but not existing FOO clients.


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