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Re: [RP] dockapps

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] dockapps
Date: Sat Jul 10 19:25:02 2004

Joe, is this still what you mean?:

In Ratpoison, unmapped (offscreen) windows sit in a single list, and
next/prev cycle through all windows.

In Ion, windows (mapped and unmapped) are associated with a particular
frame.  next/prev cycle through only the windows in the frame's list. 
There are command(s) to reassociate a window with a different frame.
New windows are associated with the current frame.

Joe's idea is to associate a each window list (group) with a set of
frames, rather than one frame or all frames.

So you can, for example, have four wmfoo dockapp windows associated
pair of frames.   At any time, two wmfoo clients are visible in
separate frames.  next/prev in those two frames will cycle within the
wmfoo list (group).  next/prev in any other frame will cycle through a
different list, which does not contain the four wmfoo clients.

Am I still on the right track here?


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