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Re: [RP] dockapps

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: [RP] dockapps
Date: Sat Jul 10 10:20:00 2004

A little clarification on one of the points I made:

   Do we want windows from the other windowframe accessible by :next
   &c., or not?  I would suggest no. The windows in each windowframe
   should form a group, and this group should persist beyond a certain
   configuration of frames.  Very definitely a "virtual desktops" sort
   of thing.

This means that if we have

                 Windowframe1   Windowframe2
      onscreen   rxvt           xeyes
      offscreen  emacs

:next will take you from rxvt to emacs.

A conflict arises if rxvt represents one terminal is a collection of
terminals that forms a group.  I think that to deal with this we
would want a command :next-within-group as distinct from
:next-within-windowframe.  (Windows still not being allowed to be in
more than one _non-windowframe_ grouping.)


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