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Re: [RP] dockapps

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] dockapps
Date: Sat Jul 10 05:48:01 2004

Quoth Cameron Patrick on or about 2004-07-10:
> Joe Corneli wrote:
> > If I can be bold, my point of view is that what's lacking is full
> > support for an already existing data-structure, usually called a
> > frameset but more accurately called a "windowframe".  (I.e. a
> > particular assignment of windows to frames.)  So put windowframes
> > into a ring that can be traversed by functions :fnext :fprev
> > :fselect.  Does this avoid nested frames "of some sort"?
> That sounds like you're reimplementing virtual desktops?  [I'm not
> really thinking my best at the moment (I've been up for ~15 hours and
> had 5 hours' sleep last night) so maybe I'm just not grokking what
> you're suggesting.]  Also, :f{next,prev,select} probably aren't the
> best names for it as :fselect already exists.

I read it this way: Joe's talking about implementing nested frames by
putting a "struct list_head frames" element inside the frame
structure.  When frames == NULL (leaf), you have a window.  When
window == NULL (branch), you look at the frames list_head for the

Of course, I also got weird looks when I said that, as a kid, I watched
the toast brown in a toaster to see whether it browned at a linear or
exponential rate.  -- Jeff Davis (ed: it's exponential.)

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