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PATCH AX_BOOST_THREAD for OSX [was: boost macros use non-portable tac]

From: Peter Johansson
Subject: PATCH AX_BOOST_THREAD for OSX [was: boost macros use non-portable tac]
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 16:19:42 +1000
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On 9/30/12 4:14 PM, Peter Johansson wrote:
On 9/30/12 2:04 AM, Peter Simons wrote:
> I'll try to come up with a patch considering these things the next few days.

Very cool. Thank your for your efforts in this matter.
Hi Peter,

Please find patch attached. It uses 'ls -r' rather than 'tac' to reverse order, and I've changed the file pattern, so it also matches *dylib on OSX.

Hi Peter,

Here is a similar patch for ax_boost_thread.m4 that makes it work on OSX with *.dylib. I lso added a '-r' switch to 'ls' invocation for same reasons as in AX_BOOST_SYSTEM.

Ideally all boost macros should probably get same massage; I noticed they they are very much the same code copied and pasted over and over again, so it would probably make sense to re-write them using an underlying macro. If someone has time over... ;)


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