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Re: boost macros use non-portable tac

From: Peter Simons
Subject: Re: boost macros use non-portable tac
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 13:52:52 +0200

Hi Peter,

 > I noticed that some AX_BOOST macros now [1] depend on 'tac', which is
 > not portable. In particular we experience problem on OSX and found the
 > best solution was to downgrade the macros. As one of the major point
 > with Autoconf is to have a portable shell script 'configure', it seems
 > odd to add dependency to something like 'tac'. It is, of course,
 > debatable which tools are standard and not, but in an official archive
 > like this, I think it would make sense to follow the GNU Coding Standard
 > [2] and only use tools listed there: awk cat cmp cp diff echo egrep expr
 > false grep install-info ln ls mkdir mv printf pwd rm rmdir sed sleep
 > sort tar test touch tr true.
 > Any opinions?
 > Cheers,
 > Peter
 > [1]
 > [2]

you raise a valid point. Some systems may not have tac, so it's surely
better not to depend on that utility. At the same time, the patch that
introduced the dependency had a valid use case, too. So how do we deal
with that? Does m4 have something we can use instead of depending on

Take care,

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