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Re: new DejaGnu team member

From: Dan Kegel
Subject: Re: new DejaGnu team member
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 14:22:25 -0700
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James Dein wrote:
Can you give an example of when you'd need to use this new feature?

We need it immediately (literally!), which is why I'm working on it now. I have written an internal design doc that has been reviewed and approved. However, a proposal to this list would have to be more explicit than what I put in the doc.

How about a hint? :-)

Also, you may want to coordinate with the guy who's implementing
dg support in QMTest.

QMTest?? What's that? And, who's that? Naturally, I want to coordinate whenever possible.

My work should be backward compatible with today's dg. That is a principal design goal.

That's also one of QMTest's goals (where dg != dejagnu, but rather the
little dg driver built on top of dejagnu).  QMTest is a Python-based GUI-mostly
dejagnu replacement.  See testsuite/README.QMTEST in the gcc source tree.
Also, search the gcc mailing list archives for posts by the QMTest

I'm not endorsing QMTest, just noting that they are
supporting dg in a non-dejagnu environment, and
you want to avoid pissing them off because they're
doing something that is a Good Thing, namely rewriting
a lot of the non-dg tests into dg form.
- Dan

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