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Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.

From: John Thompson
Subject: Re: Walmart PC's with Linux SUCK.
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:42:17 -0000
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On 2004-06-11, Arnold <> wrote:
> I got sucked into buying a Walmart PC based upon the price because it
> really looked like a decent deal to me.
> What I didn't realize was that these systems come with a system called
> Linux which I have never heard of up until this point.
> All I can say is that Linux really sucks.

It looks like the PC you got came with "LindowsOS" which is only one of 
many versions of linux available.  Complaining the "linux sucks" after 
trying just one distribution is like complaining that "cars suck" after 
buying a Yugo.

> Wlamart support told me that Linux was junk and that I should install
> WindowsXP which is what I did and now the unit works pretty good but I
> didn't get all I paid for.
> If this Linux is as bad as it looks, it's no wonder that people are
> willing to pay $100 for Windows because at least Windows works.
> Linux should come with a disclaimer stating how much it sucks so that
> people can make an informed decision.

"Linux" is not a company or a product; it is the kernel of an 
operating system.  Perhaps you mean "Walmart PCs should come with a 
warning that the installed software sucks so people can make an informed 


-John (

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