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Re: Women and GNU and RMS (was Re: something else)

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Women and GNU and RMS (was Re: something else)
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 10:38:11 +0100
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* Alexandre François Garreau <> [2019-11-04 09:58]:
> The problem here is maybe less (or not for all) linked with
> punishment than with image.  It seems, in this increasingly
> superficial society, people want to be proud of their celebrity for
> what they symbolize instead of what they do.

For Richard, I am not defending Richard for reasons of him being

I am not "proud" on Richard, I don't know why would I be, I never was
thinking of it neither feeling anything about it. I know that I owe to
Dr. Stallman, at least I owe him what he teach me through his speeches
and videos, and that is to be correct person. 

Neither I am speaking for "symbol" of Dr. Stallman.

In defense of Dr. Richard Stallman, I do not defend Stallman, I defend
estabished legal justice system, which is not perfect, but is way more
perfect than mob justice system.

In defense of Dr. Richard Stallman, I defend free speech, and that
means for everybody. As free speech is protected, and that means it is
protected by legal justice system.

And I stand for facts, as "what they do" how you said, and you implied
to what Dr. Stallman does, and that implies that he expressed few
opinions, I think that if one is accusing anybody, one should bring
evidences to show that there was harm done, and person harmed should
appear and make the harm evident. And if there is no harm, nonsense
should stop, accusations should stop and the mob and media shall stop
spreading humiliating fake news.

In all remarks that media was mischaracterizing Stallman's opinions,
he was either making remarks to journalism, and was standing for just
reporting, he strived to point out false accusations in newspapers or

It is character of programmers or hackers to look into grammar
accurately, and to think logically, analyse, dissect, and strive for
exactness. So far I know, Richard was reading articles and publishing
his public opinions and those all based on such analysis, exactness,
attempts to correct some journalistic reporting, attempts to call for
just system, he basically always strived to minimize the mob justice.

When making laws, law makers have duty and obligation to make sure
that words are expressed concisely, that everything is very clear and
that future interpretation of the law cannot possibly include innocent
people or open a loophole for such abuse. That is what Richard was
speaking about, he is picky to definitions, words and how words are
used. He does not like words being used out of the context.

Then he defended realistically Professor Minsky, and somebody got an
emotional reaction, Selam published it on Internet, and there it was,
the never expected Spanish Inquisition to cancel Richard down. My god.

He defended Minsky for knowing Minsky, who he is, who we are to tell
that he is not right?

At least one other person stands as witness to Stallman, saying that
Minsky is not guilty:

Now when there is evidence that Minsky was not guilty, and that
defense of Minsky's honour by Dr. Stallman is based on their personal
relation -- after looking into all that, I see absolutely nothing

I see exactly what Richard pointed out, inflation of accusations, this
time against Stallman.

I can clearly look what is going on, the only thing that I do not know
is who is really benefiting of GNU people getting divided on political

The party that I can find that is benefiting from such rumors on
Internet is media in general.

It is my feeling that media does know which keywords to watch, and if
anybody have mentioned a keyword "Epstein" -- then anything connected
and related to Epstein becomes a media product, and such is being

Example is Stallman, as he made few opinions about his fellow Minsky,
in one way or other connected to Epstein.

Example is also Bill Gates, look at this Internet search:

Formula to get media attention and to sell media to emotional mob is

1. Find the current keywords, find the trend that is attracting mob.

2. Find celebrities who have expressed any opinion related to current
   controversial keywords or have been in connection with them.

3. Twist words to raise more emotional charge, and sell articles for
   money and profit.

4. Call for more emotional charges, and sell more articles for money
   and profit.

5. Go to step number 2. above and repeat the process.

6. If the trending keyword such as Epstein or pedophilia is exhausted,
   find a new keyword, and do the drill all over again.


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