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Re: Women and GNU and RMS (was Re: something else)

From: Mike Gerwitz
Subject: Re: Women and GNU and RMS (was Re: something else)
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2019 00:15:51 -0500
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On Sun, Nov 03, 2019 at 23:59:02 -0500, Ruben Safir wrote:
> I don't care what your moderation is.  I will just copy to places that
> don't moderate

My intent is not to censor you.  I would prefer that you be able to
communicate your thoughts openly.  I'm trying to help ensure that you
can do that.

Can you please compromise on the way you're phrasing certain things so
that the substance of your messages can still be heard by others?  You
will reach people much more easily if you don't have to resort to
copying your message other places.

As it stands now, the tone of your message gets in the way.  I end up
not reading your messages because of it.  If enough people are doing
this, then you are not effectively defending rms.

Mike Gerwitz

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