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Re: guile-db

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: guile-db
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 07:44:15 -0400
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  > True, but to make this work in 1.8 you just have to write a single .scm
  > file for the module which loads the shlib and re-exports all the right
  > symbols.  And maybe a little else, but I am pretty sure not much.

  Easy for a C programmer no doubt, but not so easy for a lowly scripter
  like myself.

It's a scm file, not C.

  ttn's convenience modules are no doubt useful, but perhaps a higher
  priority for the future of Guile and Postgres is to update the
  'standard' guile-pg (currently shipped by Debian depending on guile-1.6)
  so that it no longer depends on 1.6 and ceases to use procedures
  deprecated under 1.8.

It's less work to write the wrapper to ttn's version.  But if you want
to do that and host it somewhere, go right ahead.

  I've written to Sam Hocevar (the Debian package maintainer of guile-pg)
  to see who he believes the upstream maintainer to be).

I think you are referring to guile-pg 0.07 

The 'modern' guile-pg maintained by ttn is at:

The sourceforge version appears to be vanishing.

I switched pkgsrc to ttn's version long ago.

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