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RE: CVS future!

From: Zakai Kinan
Subject: RE: CVS future!
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 08:14:49 -0800 (PST)

Actually, I only know of one program and the name
escapes me right now.  It has not been unpdated since
2004.  Can you provide a couple of recommendations?



--- Arthur Barrett <address@hidden>

> ZK,
> > CVS does have one drawback that makes it hard to
> deal
> > with and it is not able to host multiple projects
> > securely from one another.  That is why I will
> have to
> >  migrate.  I know there are other programs and
> scripts
> > that try to deal with that problem.   
> > 
> Sourceforge and keep their multiple projects
> securely from one
> another with CVS just fine.  I think if they can
> then you probably can
> too.  
> As you point out there are very robust and widely
> used scripts that
> assist in this (though strictly speaking they are
> not required for the
> result you've requested).  Also CVSNT (GPL/free,
> unix/linux/etc just
> like CVS) also has additional security tools (like
> access control lists,
> chroot jail etc) if you need them.
> Making up faults in a product that are no better
> handled by the
> suggested alternative, then claiming that they are
> the reason you need
> to spend time and money to migrate from one to
> another is just lazy.
> There may be good reasons for you to migrate from
> CVS to
> ClearCase/PVCS/TeamSystem/SVN/Git/etc but this is
> not it.
> Regards,
> Arthur

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