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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] IMU's

From: Martin Mueller
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] IMU's
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 08:52:16 +0200
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the DIYDrones store confirmed that they stopped making the "ArduIMU V2 (flat)" as some electronic parts are no longer available. We have done around 350 flights in various campaigns this summer and were happy so far...although it is (relatively) expensive, bulky and a hassle to program/debug.

We used a version from before the gps framework change [1]. Is anyone actually flying the ArduIMU with the current master branch? There is a bug in the modules gps ground_course calculation that should affect both arduimu and arduimu_basic. The planes flight direction and heading will not be the same/correct in gcs and the yaw correction won't work.

With the non-availability in mind we directly compared the ArduIMU (non basic) with an ITG3200/ADXL345 IMU [2] using imu_ppzuav.xml/ahrs=dcm in a Funjet this weekend. The IMU worked out of the box (in 120Hz), it just needs a little tuning in the airframe file.

Besides the ITG3200 there is the IMU3000 [3] that could be chained with the ADXL345 to help reduce the I2C traffic [4]. It would be great to configure the slight board differences rather than #ifdef'ing or doing copy and paste on the source code for each IMU design.



On 08.08.2011 15:56, Ensslin Oliver (enso) wrote:
Hi All

I beleive the ArduIMU+ V2 has been discontinued. As we fly our UMARS
(with Tiny 2.11) with this IMU and several “student planes” I am
thinking of changing to another IMU.

What would be your recommendation?

How do the other IMU’s compare with the ArduIMU? (for fixed wing)

Would the Aspirin IMU be appropriate for the replacement?

How is the vibration tolerance for Aspirin?

I would be thankful if you would tell me your experience.



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